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Packing, Eating & Appreciating Art

sacre-coeur basilica

I hate to pack. So much so that I always wait until the last minute and than inevitably leave something at home.  (Ask me later about a passport incident in 2006).

I think the reason I don’t like to pack is because it means I’m leaving the comforts of my little hovel.  New bed, new shower, no kitties, waiting in line, smokers, limited email access–lots of things that can undo somebody without a lot of  fortitude.

I will admit that I was looking forward to going to Paris. My father is French and therefore has lots of relatives in France. My family and I go at least once a year to visit my relatives, many of whom are distant cousins….

Actually, very few distinct Narboni families exist. There might be 3 worldwide. So, even my extended family is very important to us all. We’re also here to celebrate my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary.  You can bet on a party filled with champagne and lots of good food!

I have several traditions that I must carry out every time I come to France.  Visit specific monuments, eat specific food and walk the streets. I must go to Notre Dame,  in part to light candles for all of the creatures I love; visit the Basicilica of Sacre Coeur for the view: eat a sandwich au brie ou gruyere and a crepe avec nutella, and do a lot of window shopping.

crepe nutella

Several years ago, someone came to UNL to lecture about art and the contemporary world. His message was that we should all strive to include art in everything we do. I guess that means everything from the way we set the table to the way we address an envelope or play and teach the piano. I think the French, in particular the Parisians, exemplify the “Art in Everything” concept. I have yet to see an ugly shop window. If I buy something, it is always beautifully wrapped (even a sandwich or une baguette comes in some lovely paper twisted with an attractive knot!)

I firmly believe that art keeps us from going over the savage precipice. I realize that this is NOT an original thought but I recognize the truth of this statement. Sometimes I struggle with my career choice only because I’m not sure if I’m making a difference in this world. Would I not have had a bigger impact on the human race if I had gone to medical school? Perhaps. But, I can’t imagine doing anything besides playing the piano.  Oh sure, lots of hobbies and passions but nothing touches my core like music.