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“Piano-in-Tow” update

I’m almost reluctant to mention it but I think the details for “P-i-T” are finally coming together.  The reason that I’m reluctant to even write about it is that I have learned from experience that nothing is 100% reliable and the moment that I think it is, BOOM!, everything falls apart.  So, with some fear and trepidation, I give you a “P-i-T” update.  My first tour will include several towns in almost-central Nebraska and in Beatrice, Nebraska which is south of Lincoln.  I will visit with 6th grade music students in Schuyler on October 14 and high school band students on the 15th in Beatrice.  I will also give a more formal performance for Beatrice parents and community members in the evening.  The following week, I will be in Albion and Columbus for both school and evening presentations. I felt a twinge of excitement when the temporary tattoos I had ordered showed up on my doorstep yesterday.  Can you imagine 100 kids running around with “P-i-T” stickers on their faces, arms, ankles (and goodness knows where else…)?  Parents will really appreciate me for that. “Piano-in-Tow” t-shirts should be available soon.  Let me know if you would like to purchase one–they will be VERY reasonably priced!

One other note, I had a  productive meeting with an enthusiastic producer from Nebraska Educational Television the other day.  I am hopeful that she will be able to supply me with a video camera and tripod so that I may create video blogs from the road.  Now wouldn’t that be funny.  Your nightly update on Dr. NAN’s excellent adventure…

Finally, a day that makes all this hard work worthwhile…

I was beginning to wonder…When I applied for a Layman Fund Grant ($10,000) to initiate my Piano in Tow project, I figured I would hear the results mid-March. Well, mid-March came and went so I was really starting to worry. (I imagined that they contacted the “winners” first and then sent the losers a snail-mail letter. So, I have been approaching my school mailbox with fear and trepidation–knowing full well that any day, I would read that my project wasn’t worthy of funding…)

This morning, when I was checking my email, I found a note from the Vice Chancellor of Research. I was convinced that funding for P-i-T was not going to happen, especially when the first paragraph of this email was all about how the committee comes to their decision–I’m thinking, “Ok, let’s get this over with.” I keep reading and a little further down there are the words “pleased” and $10,000. I read no further. Time to get on the phone and tell the world!!

Many thanks to my parents and Mr. Ben for all of their help in putting together what must have been a convincing proposal!!!