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“Piano-in-Tow” update

I’m almost reluctant to mention it but I think the details for “P-i-T” are finally coming together.  The reason that I’m reluctant to even write about it is that I have learned from experience that nothing is 100% reliable and the moment that I think it is, BOOM!, everything falls apart.  So, with some fear and trepidation, I give you a “P-i-T” update.  My first tour will include several towns in almost-central Nebraska and in Beatrice, Nebraska which is south of Lincoln.  I will visit with 6th grade music students in Schuyler on October 14 and high school band students on the 15th in Beatrice.  I will also give a more formal performance for Beatrice parents and community members in the evening.  The following week, I will be in Albion and Columbus for both school and evening presentations. I felt a twinge of excitement when the temporary tattoos I had ordered showed up on my doorstep yesterday.  Can you imagine 100 kids running around with “P-i-T” stickers on their faces, arms, ankles (and goodness knows where else…)?  Parents will really appreciate me for that. “Piano-in-Tow” t-shirts should be available soon.  Let me know if you would like to purchase one–they will be VERY reasonably priced!

One other note, I had a  productive meeting with an enthusiastic producer from Nebraska Educational Television the other day.  I am hopeful that she will be able to supply me with a video camera and tripod so that I may create video blogs from the road.  Now wouldn’t that be funny.  Your nightly update on Dr. NAN’s excellent adventure…