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Finally, a day that makes all this hard work worthwhile…

I was beginning to wonder…When I applied for a Layman Fund Grant ($10,000) to initiate my Piano in Tow project, I figured I would hear the results mid-March. Well, mid-March came and went so I was really starting to worry. (I imagined that they contacted the “winners” first and then sent the losers a snail-mail letter. So, I have been approaching my school mailbox with fear and trepidation–knowing full well that any day, I would read that my project wasn’t worthy of funding…)

This morning, when I was checking my email, I found a note from the Vice Chancellor of Research. I was convinced that funding for P-i-T was not going to happen, especially when the first paragraph of this email was all about how the committee comes to their decision–I’m thinking, “Ok, let’s get this over with.” I keep reading and a little further down there are the words “pleased” and $10,000. I read no further. Time to get on the phone and tell the world!!

Many thanks to my parents and Mr. Ben for all of their help in putting together what must have been a convincing proposal!!!