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An odd life

resize_img.jpgThis will be short because I have to go to bed and get up early tomorrow.   Something I loathe especially when it is dark outside and just 19 degrees above zero.  But, I do it because I love my part-time job at All Feline Hospital.

You might ask: What am I,  a musician with limited experience outside of academia,  doing working for a vet’s office?  I’m not sure. I do know that I was a client long before I became an employee at AFH and never really considered working or even volunteering there because of the regular heartbreak.  After certain events in my life, I needed to bring in more cash.  So, I asked my friend/owner/veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Arnold if she needed any help in her feline-only clinic. She was very kind to offer me a part-time job doing whatever.

Since starting work there, I have learned how to work the front desk, the back desk, answer the phones, hassle people for money, send them to collections if necessary and a whole host of other interesting things. I learned quickly that I could also satiate some of my lifelong fascination with medicine, only on smaller creatures.  This job has helped me develop my speaking skills, my interpersonal relationships, my ability to “count a drawer” and many other things. It has also allowed me to witness first class veterinary care up close and personal. What will I do if I ever move away? How will I find a good doctor for my furry children? The other part of this situation is that I really like ALL my co-workers. Each one of them brings something unique to their job and even in the worst of times, can make me laugh or forget my troubles. I know I will never replace this kind of working environment. So, everytime I go into work I am in a good mood. Can you imagine actually liking your job?