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If it’s Wednesday, this must be Beatrice

Having had a couple of days to reflect on my performances at the Hevelone Performing Arts Center at the Beatrice High School, I’ve come to the following conclusion:  10th-12th graders are a challenging audience with whom to connect but there is still hope for the future of classical music.  After my performance for band members and other interested parties, I invited students to come up and take a closer look at the piano.

What it's all about...

What it's all about

I was approached by a young man who started asking me questions.  I was immediately impressed with his ability to articulate his thoughts.  I was also impressed with his awareness of the world around him.  I think this young man’s future is bright and I know now that there will be at least one supporter of the arts in the future!

My evening performance at the Hevelone Center was well-attended, mostly by community members.   They were an enthusiastic crowd, perhaps because the first entry on their iPod wasn’t NineInchNails?  Following the performance, I spoke with several people, all of whom were musicians.  I was honored that they shared their personal stories with me–one of the many reasons public performance is so important to me.

Havin' fun...

Havin' fun

I get to meet interesting people from all walks of life whose experiences are fascinating and even touching.  Kind of like a “small eye on America”!

This “Piano-in-Tow” double presentation received a nice write-up in the Beatrice Daily Sun.

And finally, in Penny’s and my never-ending quest for a good cup of Joe, we discovered a nice coffee shop near downtown Beatrice!

It it’s Monday, it will be Columbus Middle School in Columbus, Nebraska.

Tow it and they will come

Gino, another "PiT" convert

Another "PiT" convert

I don’t remember what 8 hours of sleep feels like anymore.  “Why?” you ask?  It’s called “Piano-in-Tow“.  I have spent more time on the phone, writing emails, practicing, making lists and whatever else I can think of in preparation for “PiT”.   In10 days, 1hour, 57 minutes and 1 second Penny (my trusted adviser, road manager and confidante) and I will hit the road.  First stop, Schuyler, NE where a group of 6th graders will be anticipating my arrival with a large grand piano.

Penny and I spent some time today decorating the backside of cardboard that will support my music–a couple of girls with magic markers, a box cutter, several feline assistants and lots of coffee.  A potentially very scary scene.

Then there is my father who comes into my parents’ kitchen yesterday sporting a “Piano-in-Tow” t-shirt.  May I say adorable?

I am going to play a run-through for a handful of piano students at UNL next Thursday.  It will be much easier to keep their attention than a roomful of teenagers…

I finally cleaned the grime off of the Yamaha’s keys today.  At least 10 years’ worth of it…

So, everyone, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t break a piano string between here and Petersburg, NE…

Penny and Rafaella working together on "PiT"

Penny and Rafaella working together on "PiT"