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Go west about 1500 miles and turn right

I have always wanted to visit Alaska but I could never justify a trip somewhere during which  I wasn’t playing the piano or teaching someone else how to play.  But then my parents announced that they would like to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the whole family on a private cruise through the inland waters of Alaska. We all jumped at the chance to visit the land of bears, eagles and whales.

I didn’t know what to expect–was this going to be endless days on a boat looking out the window but not really experiencing nature Alaska-style? I was also worried about becoming seasick. I have always avoided boats because I am so prone to it. Ugh.  Well, the first day on the boat, I discovered the  non-drowsy formula for dramamine and that solved my problems.  (Actually, it worked so well, I ate everything in sight!)

During this trip, we were treated to first class cuisine (thank you Chef Stef), kayaking trips to deserted islands, hiking through old growth forests and non-stop eagle and whale watching. I particularly enjoyed focusing my binoculars on land  near the water’s edge (usually at dusk) when bears were more likely to come out and forage.

I would fly at the chance to go again…