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Coming Home

My piano has finally came home! It was late of course and it spent two weeks sitting in various warehouses (I am very disappointed in the availability of reliable piano-moving companies in this country.  You would have thought for almost $1000, the piano could have been shipped directly from my house to The Piano People and back.  But no such moving animal exists.)

For the first week after it arrived, the piano sounded stiff and somewhat colorless. As I have practiced more and more on it, its unique colors and brilliance are starting to come out. Of course, it was out of tune to begin with and now it is REALLY out of tune but that’s ok. It just needs to be played and played some more. The action is somewhat heavy but I like that for practice purposes.

It almost looks brand new!

What you are seeing is a cleaned soundboard, restored bridges,  new pinblock and new strings.
The frame was also rebronzed and re-lettered. The damper system was rebuilt as was the action. The Renner hammers

are also new. I don’t think there was much felt left on the old ones!

Someday, I hope to play this piano in a great hall. Right now it sits in my smallish living room, sharing space with my Yamaha C-7. It deserves a stage of its own!

And look--no cat hair!