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“Rock stars play guitars, hillbillys play banjos”

Such was the response to my query, “What is the difference between a guitar and a banjo?” from a young man in Oshkosh, Nebraska during “Piano-in-Tow”, Part Trois. Of course, his comment brought the house down and left me scrambling to recapture the students’ attention. I didn’t mind–it was just another memorable moment from my adventures with “Piano-in-Tow”. The Spring 2010 tour focused on schools and communities in the northwest corner of Nebraska as well as west central Nebraska. I logged more than 1000 miles in a rented van and a trailer named Lovely. My Yamaha C-7 was loaded and unloaded 16 times in 5 days but held its tune remarkably well.

Early morning unload in Bridgeport, Nebraska

Although my trusty piano mover would prefer that I just use a digital keyboard, it’s nice to know that the piano can withstand that much upheaval!

This tour had a profound effect on me not just because I met so many wonderful people and students but because I was reminded of why I go to the effort–“Piano-in-Tow” allows me to bring my passions for music and teaching TO the people.