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“Piano-in-Tow” Part Deux, Spring 2009


So here I am again, spending hours practicing, talking on the phone, promising baked goods to anybody who will lend me a hand and anything else I can think of to make sure that all of the details are taken care of  for”PiT”, Part Deux.  This tour is going to be different from the last one in several  ways.   I am traveling to even more remote towns in north-central and western Nebraska (Cody being the farthest town, population 137, about 394 miles from Lincoln).  But, before you say, “Why would you want to play for such a small audience?”, keep in mind that the people of those rural areas are what “Piano-in-Tow” is all about.  Bringing live, classical music to people who don’t have regular access to it.  Second, I will be hauling my Yamaha C-7 grand piano with the help of Heath and a 2000 lb enclosed trailer named “"Lovely"

“Lovely””.  “Lovely” is a very large trailer that was built by a friend of mine.  This friend is an avid hunter/outdoorsman so naturally, “Lovely”  has been outfitted with a camo-theme paint job.

Heath and I will leave Lincoln on April 13th headed to Ainsworth, Nebraska (approximately 290 miles).  I will give both a school  presentation/performance as well as an evening concert at the Ainsworth High School.

On Wednesday, we will load up the piano and drive to Cody, NE which is very near the South Dakota border.  Now, I was very careful NOT to schedule this second tour in January or February (or even March) in order to avoid inclement weather but I learned just today that Cody got hit with 16 inches of snow over the weekend.  I can just see me and Heath pulled off by the side of the road, huddled together in “Lovely”, listening to the howling wind and hoping the storm passes us by without burying us in snow!

Assuming we are able to leave Cody, we will drive to Gordon on Thursday for an evening performance at the Methodist Fellowship Hall.  Our last stop will be Bassett, Nebraska where I will give two performances at the Rock County High School on Friday.

Remind me again why I decided to drag my piano all over the state?