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Spaghettification and other buckyball-like discoveries

My stalwart road manager having a moment...

My stalwart road manager having a moment...

When I submitted my application for the Layman Fund Grant, I included in my project description a list of benefits that could come of “Piano-in-Tow”.  This list included blogging, media coverage and the possibility of an interview with a stray dog.  Well, I didn’t meet any stray dogs during the tour but I did meet some wonderful folk that I would like to mention.  The first person is Heath.

Heath and Penny hawking "Piano-in-Tow" memorabiliaHeath and Penny hawking “Piano-in-Tow” memorabilia

He was the muscle behind Dietz’s Music House piano moving services.  A little background–Heath is a musician by trade who loves cats, physics, books and is currently building a car in his living room.  Heath provided a great deal of comic relief throughout the tour including teaching us about spaghettification.  Who would have thunk?

Then there was Paul H. and his wife Lori and their children–they were the main organizers of my presentations in both Petersburg and Albion and all of them contributed to a very well-organized event.  I will not forget their hospitality nor their enthusiastic commitment to the arts!

And then there is Janet R.

Janet and me

Janet and me

who has been studying with me for over 10 years, driving the 100+ miles from Albion to Lincoln once-a-month.  She met us at Boone Central Middle School in Petersburg (12 miles north of Albion) to attend “PiT” and introduced me to the students.  Her introduction included little-known facts about me such as my love for cats, cycling and reading!  Janet’s words meant a great deal to me.

This is what "Piano-in-Tow" is all about.

This is what it's all about.

Last but not least there were the kids.  Wow!

Students at Columbus Middle School

Students at Columbus Middle School

So many of them enthusiastic about the piano, the music and me.  Two questions they asked at every stop (and sometimes more than once at each stop!) were–“How many hours a day do you practice?”  And, the ubiquitous question, “How old are you?”  I narrowly skirted this last one…


More students at Columbus Middle School

Finally back home where the follow-up details never seem to end.  And, then of course, there is the spring “Piano-in-Tow” tour to start planning.  Sigh.

One of my best moments...

One of my best moments...

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  Kathy wrote @

Found your blog through the UT-Alum magazine (I’m a fellow DMA UT grad too!) Love this idea of piano in tow! Best of luck with it. I’m doing a presentation on blogging at the MTNA convention in the spring. Do you mind if I use your blog in my presentation? My blog usually tends more toward my kids than my music 🙂 but you can find it here: http://www.kathyrabago.com/blog and my online database here: http://www.kathyrabago.com/pianorep

Thanks for letting me know about using your blog! Wonderful work again with the piano in tow concept.

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