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The Special Men List

Several years ago, I realized that there are several men friends in my life who are very special to me.    NOT boyfriends – these are “men friends” with whom I do not have any romantic involvement.   These are men of diverse backgrounds who don’t necessarily share any particular characteristics with each other.  They are special because they are kind, gentle, hard-working and compassionate.    But they all possess a quality hard to find nowadays in anyone—altruism, defined by the dictionary as the unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.”   Below, then is the first entry in Dr. N.A.N.’s  Special Men List.   I refer to them by their first name only to protect their identity…

First on the list is Steve.  Steve’s a camo-loving hunter who regularly gives his time, energy and tremendous skills to The Cat House.  Being a vegetarian, I usually don’t seek out the company of hunters,  but Steve is different.  He enjoys hunting but is just as happy to go out in the wilderness and not shoot anything.  For him, it is an opportunity to leave the stress of work behind and to drink lots of cheap beer.  He and his wife frequently take in kittens either too young or too wild to be placed in the shelter.  Steve watches over those kittens like they were his own children.  Nobody messes with those baby kittens.

Steve is always willing to help me with any task.  He’s moved a lot of my junk (washers, dryers, bedroom furniture, cat trees), installed a disposal, unplugged a shower drain (I didn’t want to handle the very toxic product designed for this chore), hung plastic over my windows and patched a hole in the wall where a lit candle got out of control.  He’s even taught me how to shoot various firearms (only at a target) and to appreciate the importance of the Second Amendment.

I find myself smiling when I drive up to The Cat House and see Steve’s truck.  I always feel safe when he’s around!  I don’t know what if anything I can do to repay Steve for all of his kindnesses.  But I would like him to know how much his friendship has meant to me.